Difficulty Walking?

You may be entitled to a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Get a Refund of up to $25,000 from the Canada Revenue Agency by qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit.

(Refunds are based on taxable income, years approved, and province of residence).

Examples that may be eligible include:

1. Difficulty Walking 
2. Osteoarthritis
3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
4. Spinal stenosis
5. Degenerative Disc Disease (Back/spine)
6. Rheumatoid arthritis
7. Cerebral vascular accident
8. Hip replacement/fracture
9. Back injury/surgery/herniated disc
10. Peripheral artery disease
11. Knee replacements
And other medical conditions

Eligibility is dependent upon how you are affected on a daily basis.

Real people who qualified

We are Canada's most trusted Disability Tax Credit service provider and have assisted thousands of Canadian's from across the country in claiming the Disability Tax Credit. This non-refundable tax credit is is the only credit of its kind that must first be granted eligibility before it can be claimed.





ON - Knee Replacement



BC - Osteoarthritis



BC - Back Injury


Ashley S.

MB - Arthritis


Jeff D.

NL - Spinal Stenosis


Renae E.

PE - Back Pain


Kristen D.

NS - Arthritis


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BC - Back Injury

I thought this was “to good to be true” company but after a long haul and this company never gave up on our claim, I am proud to say everything you read is correct. This company has won our claim and we will be receiving our money. 10 stars to the team and all the dedication!!! Thank you again!


Winnipeg, MB.

Only good things to say about my experience with True North. Ongoing support during the process of making a claim. Made the process easy as they did all the work!


Olds, AB.

The folks at true north disability were FABULOUS!!! They were extremely organized and helpful, and helped me get a disability tax credit I didn’t even know might be possible!

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Difficulty WalkingOsteoarthritisDegenerative Disc Disease (Back/spine)Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseKnee replacementsBack injury/surgery/herniated discOther medical condition(s)

Difficulty Walking?

You may be entitled to a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency.